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Mylapore Indian Restaurant - Sample Menu


Idly 4.99

Steamed rice and lentil cakes

Mini Idly 4.99
Mninature idlies topped with sambar and ghee

Pongal 5.49
Rice and lentils cooked to perfection and spiced with cumin, black pepper, curry leaves and cashew nuts

Masala Vada
Fried lentil donuts

Sambar Vada 4.99
Lentil donuts soaked in sambar

Rasa Vada 4.99
Lentil donuts soaked in spiced yogurt

Sambar Vada 4.99
Lentil donuts soaked in spicy rasam

Sambar Idly 4.99
Idlies‌ soaked in sambar

Mini Podi Idly 4.99
Mini idlies coated with spicy chilli powder and ginelly oil

Pongal / Vada Combo 5.49
Pongal and one medu vada

Vegetable Samosa 4.99
Savory pastries filled with spiced potatoes, peas and onions

Samosa Chole 5.49
Fried samosa, crushed and topped with garbanzo bean curry

Kaima Idly 4.99
Fried mini idlies cooked in a spicy gravy served with raita

Bhel Puri 4.99
Popular western India snack made with puffed rice, tomatoes, onions, garbanzo and sweet and tangy chutneys

Pani Puri 5.49
Mini poories filled with garbanzo, spiced potatoes, cilantro served with spiced water, sweet and tangy chutnies

Pav Bhaji 5.49
Popular wester Indian snack of bread and vegetable medley made of potatoes, tomatoes, peas, carrots, cilantro

extra pav 1.99

Vegetable Pakoras 5.99
Crisp fried assorted mixed vegetables

Assorted Sampler Platter 9.99
Samosa, medhu vada, Masala vada, vegetable pakoras


Rasam 3.49
Clear Indian soup made of tomatoes, lentils pepper

Sambar 3.49
Thick lentil and vegetable soup more often served as an accompaniment to dosas and idlies though gome prefer to have it as a soup


Plain Dosa / Masala Dosa 7.49 - 7.99

Butter Dosa / Butter Masala Dosa 7.99 - 8.49

Mysore Dosa / Mysore Masala Dosa 7.99 - 8.49
Masala dosa layered with a thin spread of spicy sesame and lentill chutney, typical of the Indian city of mysore

Ghee Roast / Ghee Roast Masala Dosa 7.99 - 8.49

Cheese Dosa / Cheese Masala Dosa 7.99 - 8.49
The name says it all and kids love it

Podi Dosa / Podi Masala Dosa 7.99 - 8.49
Dosa sprinkled with milagai podi, spicy lentill and chilli powder

Mylapore Special Dosa 8.49
Tomatoes, onions, milagai podi, green chillies, potatoes masala and cilantro made with gingelly oil

Kal Dosa 8.49
Pair of dosas cooked home style

Andhra Kara Dosa / Andhra Masala Dosa 7.99 - 8.49
Dosa coated with a special paste made of red chilli and spices nor for the faint hearted

Onion Dosa / Onion Masala Dosa 7.99 - 8.49
Dosas with grilled onions

Paper Roast Dosa / Paper Roast Masala Dosa 8.99
Delectable combination of a mysore dosa with fine dices of cabbage, cauliflower, bell peppers and cilantro, cut like a spring roll

Assorted Dosa Platter 12.99
Mini spring, dosa, mini mysore masala dosa and masala dosa

Rava Dosa Platter 8.49 - 8.99
Dosa made with broken wheat, rice flour and refined flour

Onion Rava Dosa / Onion Rava Masala Dosa 8.49 - 8.99

Dry Fruit Rava Dosa / Dry Fruit Rava Masala Dosa 8.99 - 9.49
Rava dosa with cashewnuts, almonds and raisins

Thicker version of the dosa, cooked on both sides, resembles, a pizza

Plain Uthappam 7.99

Onion Uthappam 7.99

Tomato Peas Uthappam 7.99

Tomato Chilli Uthappam 7.99

Tomato Onion and Chilli Uthappam 7.99

Vegetable Uthappam 7.99

Mylapore Specials

Adai Aviyal (Saturday - Sunday Only)7.99
Lentil pancakes made with a combiantion of four different lentils served with aviyal an ethnic south Indian vegetable dish

Poori Aloo / Poori Channa 7.49
Puffy whole wheat bread served with potato masala or garbanzo bean curry

Poor-Veg Kurma 7.99

Paratha and Vegetable Kurma 7.99
Multi layered bread served with vegetable curry made with coconut mil

Chapthi and Vegetable Kurma 7.99
Whole wheat flat bread cooked on a griddle and served with vegetable curry made with coconut milk

Kothu Paratha 7.99
Juliennes of parathas cooked in a spicy gravy served with yogurt dip

Vegetable Biryanni 7.99
Our signature dish made of aromatic basamati rice cooked in dum' to pefection, served with raita

Channa Bhatura 7.99
Huge puffy bread served with garbanzo bean curry

Mini Tiffin 8.49
Mini masala dosa, mini idly, vodka an dessert. Makes a complete mea

Bisi Bele, Bath 6.49
Served with papad

Curd Rice 6.49

Thali Meal‌

Thali Meal 7.99
Sambar, rasam, 2 sides, rice, chapthi or poori, pickle and papad. No sharing please

Thali Meal 9.99
Sambar, rasam, 3 sides, rice chapathi or poori, pickle, papad and desser

Variety Lunch Combo 9.99
Biryani, veg khorma, bisi bele bath, variety rice, chapathi, papad pickle and dessert

Sides Orders‌

Milagai Podi with ghee or gingelly oil 1.49

Papad 1.00

Samabr / Rasam 3.49 - 4.99


Rsamalai 3.49
Soft cheese patties soaked in sweetened milk flavored with saffron and cardamom

Gulab Jamun 3.49
Cottage cheese balls fried and soaked in rose flavored sugar syrup


All Bottled Drinks 1.79

Masala Tea 1.49

Spiced Butter Milk 1.49

Filter Coffee 2.49

Lassi 2.99
Mango, plain, sweetened or salted

Rose milk 2.99

***All menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.
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