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Kaveri Madras  Cuisine - Sample Menu

All our appetizers are deep-fried in pure unsaturated vegetable oil and are served with hot tomato and mild coconut sauce. PAKORAS – Fritters coated with a special lentil batter, either hot or mild.

Onion Pakora 4.95

Spinach Pakora, with spinach leaves and onions, hot or mild 4.95

Potato Pokora, 4 pieces 4.95

Eggplant Pokora, 4 pieces 4.95

Chili Pakora, either hot or mild, 4 pieces 4.95

Mixed Vegetable Pakora, a mixture of above vegetables 6.95

Vegetable Samosa, two crisp patties stuffed with potato, green peas & spice 3.50

Pannir Pakora, homemade cheese, battered and fried 5.95

Meat Samosa, two crisp patties stuffed with ground lamb, green peas & spices 3.95

Chicken Pakora, boneless chicken pieces, battered and fried 5.00

Chili Chicken, boneless chicken pieces, battered with green chili spices 7.95

Chicken 65, boneless chicken pieces, battered with a variety of spices 7.95


Sambar, thick vegetable soup made with lentils, coconut and spices 2.50

Rasam, thin spicy vegetable soup with tamarind 2.50

One Idli Sambar, lentil soup with a steamed rice cake dumpling 3.50

Tossed Green Salad, basic Indian style salad of sliced lettuce, cucumber, carrots and tomato, with house dressing 3.50


Popadum, 2 giant lentil wafers 1.50

Poories, 2 deep-fried puffed wheat bread 1.50

Paratha, 1 pan fried flat wheat bread 1.75

Stuffed Paratha, stuffed with mixed vegetables 3.75

Nan, one leavened bread baked in Tandori oven 1.75

Kima Nan, nan stuffed with spiced ground lamb 3.75

Onion Nan, nan stuffed with onions and spices 3.75

Garlic Nan, nan stuffed with garlic and spices 2.75

Kaveri Special Nan, nan stuffed with minced chicken and Tikka kebab 3.95

Rice, steamed rice with peas and carrots 3.00

Fried Basmati Rice, saffron flavored Basmati rice cooked with mixed vegetables and spices 5.50

Raita, fresh homemade yogurt with spices, cucumber, onions and tomatoes 1.75

Mango Chutney, sweet Indian mango pickle 1.50

Complete Thali(seond price) Dinner Includes:

ONE MAIN ENTRÉE (Curries, Tandori, or Biriyani) plus
DAHL CURRY, SAMBAR (Thick Lentil Vegetable Soup), Vegetable curry of the day.

RAITA (Homemade Yogurt with Vegetables)  Your choice of Bread (1 NAN),

RICE (Steamed Rice with Peas, Carrot) & Gulab Jamun for Dessert


 A la Carte, served with Rice Pilaf & Choice of Bread (1 Nan, 2 Poories Or Parootha)

Dahai Curry, creamed lentils delicately spiced with spinach &tomatoes10.95 ,12.95

Potato Sabji, potato, carrots and peas, dry and mild 10.95 12.95

Allo Gobi, cauliflower and potatoes cooked with Indian spices 10.95 12.95

Vegetable Koorma, mixed vegetables cooked with mild yogurt sauce10.95 12.95

Eggplant Curry, eggplant baked in the clay oven and cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices 10.95 12.95

Chana Masala, garbanzo beans with a special blend of spices 10.95 12.95

Vegetable Masala Curry, garden fresh vegetables cooked with herbs and spices 10.95 12.95

Navratan Koorma Curry, mixed vegetables cooked in mildly spiced cream sauce 10.95 12.95

Mutter Paneer, homemade cottage cheese, green peas and mild spice 11.95 13.95

Palak Mutter Paneer, creamed spinach, green peas and cheese cubes in a mild creamy sauce 11.95 13.95

Malai Kofta, blended cheese and vegetable cubes in a mild cream sauce 11.95 13.95

Shahi Paneer, cooked with homemade cheese with nuts & raisins in a special cream sauce 11.95 13.95 Okra masala curry 11.95 13.95

Egg plant curry 11.95 13.95

Aloo mutter curry 10.95 12.95

Aloo saag 10.95 12.95

Mushroom mutter curry 10.95 12.95


All Tandori dishes are cooked in a Tandori clay oven (western barbeque style) and served sizzling hot. A LA CARTE served with Nan Bread and Mint Sauce.

Tandori Chicken, half chicken marinated overnight in yogurt, garlic and fresh herbs 12.95 14.95

Chicken Tikka, chicken breast pieces marinated overnight in fresh herbs and spices 12.95 14.95

Boti Kabab, cubes of boneless marinated overnight in yogurt, ginger and fresh herbs 12.95 14.95

Tandori Shrimp, jumbo shrimp cooked on skewers 13.95 15.95

Tandori Mixed Grill........13.95 15.95
one each of Tandori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Tandori Shrimp and Boti Kabab

A La CARTE served with Raita (Yogurt Sauce) and Curry Sauce

Vegetable Biriyani, saffron flavored Basmati rice cooked with mixed vegetable 11.95 13.95

Chicken Biriyani, saffron flavored Basmati rice with spiced chicken in curry sauce 12.95 14.95

Lamb Biriyani, saffron flavored Basmati rice with spiced lamb in curry sauce 13.95 15.95

Shrimp Biriyani, saffron flavored Basmati rice with shrimp in curry sauce 13.95 15.95


Idli, 4 steamed rice cakes served with Sambar 7.00

Methu Vada, 4 deep-fried pastries made with lentil flour, served with Sambar 7.95


Dosas are crepes; each made with different lentil flours and stuffed with vegetable curry, served with sambar (lentil soup) and hot and mild sauces

Plain Dosa, made with fermented lentil flour 6.95

Masala Dosa, fermented lentil flour crepe stuffed with vegetable curry 7.95

Moong Dosa, plain crepe made with moong bean flour with onions, chilies and cumin seeds 7.95

Moong Masal Dosa, crepe made with moong bean flour stuffed with vegetable curry 7.95

Rava Crispy Dosa, plain crepe made with cream of wheat and rice flour 8.95

Rava Masala Dosa, Crepe made with cream of wheat and rice flour, stuffed with vegetable curry 8.95

Utteapam, thick pancake made with lentil flour, onions and chilies 8.95


Kaveri Combo 8.95
1 Idli, 1 Methu Vada and Masala Dosa, with Sambar and sauces

Andhra Special Combo 7.00
2 Idli, 2 Vada, served with Sambar

**Any substitute from this menu will be $1.00 extra


Vegetable - 13.95
This thali Dinner includes Vegtable Koorma (mixed vegetables cooked with yogurt sauce).

Chana Masala, Dahi Curry (lentil curry) Sambar ( vegetable soup), Taita (yogurt and vegetables).

Rice (steamed rice with peas and carrots). Man Bread, One i (puffy wheat bread).

One papadam (lentil water) and Gulab Jamun (small round balls made with milk and wheat flour
soaked in sugar syrup) as Dessert.

Meat - 14.95
This Thali Dinner includes Chicken Curry (chicken cooked with mild spicy sauce)

Chicken Makhani (Chicken cooked with tomato cream sauce) Lamb Curry, Sambar (vegetable soup)

Raita (yogurt with vegetablesce (steamed with peas and carrots). One Nan.

One Puffy wheat bread). OnePapadam (lentil water), and Gulab Jamun (small round balls made with milk and wheat flour soaked in sugar syrup) as Dessert.


Chiken korma 12.95 14.95

Chiken karahi 12.95 14.95

Fish curry 13.95 15.95

Fish Vindaloo 13.95 15.95

 Goat curry 12.95 14.95


Sodas  - 1.75
Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Iced Tea, Root Beer, Lemonade& Sprite

Milk - 1.50

Lassi (sweet or sour) 2.50

Home Style yogurt and buttermilk drink 2.50

Mango Lassi 2.75
An exciting mixture of mango juice and yogurt


***All menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.

Kaveri Madras Cuisine
1148 Fulton Avenues
Sacramento, CA 95825

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