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Trader Vic's
9 Anchor Drive, Emeryville, CA 94608 510-653-3400


Wines By The Glass

With Sparkle

Chateau St. Michelle 7.00

Schramsberg, Blanc de Noir 11.00

White Wine

Nathanson Creek - Chardonnay, California - 6.00

Edna Valley - Chardonnay, San Louis Obisbo – 7.50

Iron HorseUnoaked Chardonnay - 9.00

Francis CoppolaDiamond Collection, Sauvignon Blanc – 7.50

SterlingSauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley - 9.00

Saracina - Sauvignon Blanc, Mendocino - 12.00

Benton Lane - Pinot Gris, Oregon - 13.00

Fleith - Gewurztraminer, Alsace, France - 8.00

Rose Wine

Beringer - White Zinfandel, California - 6.00

Red Wine

Nathanson Creek - Cabernet Sauvignon, California - 6.00

Hess Select - Cabernet Sauvignon, California - 8.00

Francis Coppola – “Director’s Cut”, California - 14.00

Blackstone - Merlot, Sonoma - 10.00

Swanson - Merlot, Napa Valley - 14.00

Rutz CellarsPinot Noir, “French Cuvee” - 9.00

Benton Lane - Pinot Noir, Oregon- 14.00

SaracinaRodgers Creek, Syrah, Sonoma Coast - 12.00


Senior Pico - Red Wine Sangria Pitcher
Red wine, fresh fruits and fruit liquors 18.00

Sangrias - *Copa De Vino
Red or white sangria by the glass 6.00

White Wine Sangria Pitcher
Fresh fruits macerates with fruit liquors and mixed with white wine 18.00

Tropical Drinks

Samoan Fog Cutter 9.00
A vaseful of rum, gin, brandy and sherry wine with orange juice and orgeat… Let the drinker beware!

*Zombie 8.00
Our version of Don the Beachcomber’s original lethal libation… Light and dark rums, grenadine and curacoa.

Navy Grog 9.00
A truly great drink… A blend of rums and grapefruit with a spiced syrup

Suffering Bastard 8.00
A forthright blend of rums, lime and liqueurs with an affinity for cucumber. Formula from the Sheppard’s Hotel in Cairo.

Trader Vic’s Grog 7.50
A potent blend of dark rum, pineapple and passion fruit

Bahia 7.00
A snowy concoction of light rum with coconut and pineapple. Innocent looking but watch it!

Tiki Puka Puka 9.00
151 proof rum, orange juice, grenadine and spices will take you to the islands

Eastern Sour 8.00
A magnificent drink. A fine bourbon with crushed orange, lemon and ice

E’ville Awa 8.00
This drink for the sailors at the Emeryville marina, Strong and E’ville

Honi Honi 7.50
Here’s a bourbon drink with the spice of the islands all wrapped up into one.

Potted Parrot 10.00
To smooth your ruffled feathers. “When it’s time to go home, the parrot goes with you.” Light rum, curacao and juices

Scorpion 9.00
(Individual) a powerful sting of rum, brandy and orange juice with a wisper of almonds

Menehune Juice 9.00
A sweet blend of island rums and nectars. One sip and you may see Menehune… The one in your glass is yours to take home.

Trader Vic’s Stinger 8.50
Menehune’s magical blend of dark rums, Sloe Gin and spices makes this drink a soothing delight

Gun Club Punch 7.50
Duck hunter’s special. A mixture of dark, light rums and fruit juices

Peach Tree Punch 8.00
A fish bowl of a drink with light rum, flavor of peaches and oranges, and a soft southern whisper of coconuts


La Florida 7.00
A subtly flavored rum cocktail from La Florida Bar in Havana

Siboney 7.00
A great Caribbean cocktail blend of dark rum, passion fruit, pineapple and lemon. Named after the Siboney Indians

Tears of the Tiki 7.00
Try the nectar of the Tiki Gods, Spiced rum, Mandarin liquor and pineapple juice

Shanghai Lotus 7.00
Green Tea liquor an vodka. Blue curacoa and cranberry

Cosmo Place 7.00
A variation of the classic cosmopolitan, with a touch of grapefruit and pineapple

Trader Vic’s Passion Cocktail 7.00
Gin, passion fruit nectar from “down under” and lime make this a smooth refreshing cocktail
Home Of The Original Mai Tai

1944 Mai Tai 9.00
Try the original Mai Tai, this is the original recipe from the Trader

Guava Mai Tai 8.50
Light and gold rums and Guava juice mixed with our secret formula

Maui Mai Tai 8.50
Pineapple juice, our Mai Tai and dark rum

Vodka Mai Tai 8.00
Try our variation with vodka

Maui Tai Wave 12.00
Surf this wave with us… Try three of our flavor Mai Tai’s in one ride. Guava, Maui and Mango.
In the mood for more? Take the board and glasses home for $75.00

Tiki Mouse Drinks
All our favorites with no alcohol for your designated driver

No Tai Mai Tai 6.00
Our classic original adapted to perfection

Puerto Principe 6.00
Creamy pineapple-coconut delight

Queen Charlotte fruit Punch 6.00
A luscious combination of fruit juices

Kona Cooler 6.00
A zesty fruit cooler

Honolulu Bay 6.00
A fruity frozen drink with pineapple

Coral Reef 6.00
A tropical drink made with strawberries, mango and coconut cream

Warm Toddies & After Dinner

Coffee Grog 6.00
Hot coffee, strong rum and Grand Marnier flavors infused with cream of coconut. Served in a headhunter’s mug

Tahitian Coffee 6.00
A delectable blend of rum and coffee with a special cream topping

White cloud 6.00
A delightful concoction of coconut and crème de cacao, laced with vodka

Tahitian Mudslide 6.00
Bold rum, Baileys, Amaretto, Kahlua and cream

Kafe La-Te 6.00
A fine after-dinner drink of strong coffee and rich chocolate combined with brandy

Trader Vic’s Hot Butter Rum 6.00
Famous at Trader Vic’s for over 50 years. Stron, spiced and not to sweet

Happy Hour - At Trader Vic’s

Early Birds
Tuesday to Friday From 4pm to 6pm
Late Owls
Tuesday to Friday From 9pm to 11pm

Selected Cocktails $5

Passion Cocktail
All Mai Tai’s (1944 Mai Tai add $1)
Copa De Vino

$3 Draft Beers
$4 Glass House Wine

Selected Food Items ½ Off
Look for the Happy Menehune

Festive Party Libations

Scorpion Bowl 19.00 (Serves four people)
A festive concotion of rums, fruit juices and brandy with a whisper of almond, bedecked with a flower and served with long straws

Rum Keg 19.00 (Serves four people)
Pineapple, light and dark rums with apricot and passion fruit flavors

Tiki Bowl 13 (Serves two people)
A delightful punch of light and dark rums, brandy and almond mixed with orange juice in an earthen bowl supported by three Tikis

Rum Giggle 13.00 (Serves two people)
A combination of white rums, Amaretto and juices… Only for lovers!

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