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Kiji Sushi Bar and Cuisine - Sample Menu


Edamame (steamed green soy beans, salted) 3.00

Oshitashi (blanched spinach in ponzu) 4.95

Hiyashi Wakame (seaweed tossed with sesame oil and soy dressing) 5.95

Kiji Ceviche
(prawns, scallops, and white fish marinated in yuzu with onions, tomatoes and cilantro) 7.95

Mushroom Salad
(Enoki, eringii, and shitake mushrooms on top of romaine with wasabi-ranch dressing) 8.95

Crab Salad
(Snow crab, cucumbers, avocado and enoki on top of romaine with wasabi ranch dressing) 10.95

House Salad (organic greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers with wasabi vinaigrette) 4.95

Oshinko (assorted pickled vegetables) 5.00


Hamachi Kama (broiled yellowtail collar, served with ponzu) 8.95

Grilled Fish
(chef’s choice or your choice of fresh top grade fish marinated in ponzu then broiled) 9.95

Kiji Prawns (deep fried tiger prawns in sweet chili sauce and topped with cilantro and lime) 6.95

Tempura (large prawns and assorted vegetables dipped in egg batter and lightly deep-fried) 7.95

Vegetable Tempura (assorted vegetables dipped in egg batter and lightly deep-fried) 6.95

Agedashi Tofu
(deep-fried tofu, served in soy-bonito broth and topped with dried bonito flakes) 5.95

Home-made Goya
(pan fried dumplings filled with pork, shitake mushrooms, lentil noodles, napa cabbage) 7.95

Vegetable Gyoza (same as above but without pork) 7.50

Yakitori (grilled skewered chicken and zucchini dipped in garlic-soy) 6.95

Yakiniku (grilled skewered beef and onions dipped in garlic-soy) 7.95

Stuffed Shitake
(grilled fresh shitake mushrooms with hamachi and scallions, served with sweet sauce) 7.95

Grilled Asparagus (Grilled fresh asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper) 4.95


Raw Pacific Oysters (2 pieces on half shell with ponzu and spicy daikon) 4.50

Kiji Shooter (pacific oyster, uni, quail egg, ponzu sauce, spicy sauce, scallions, and tobiko) 4.00

Tataki Salad (seared tuna slices served over organic greens with onion-garlic dressing) 13.95

Albacore Tataki (seared pacific albacore loin with onions and ponzu) 12.95

Beef Tataki (seared and sliced choice beef with onions, ginger, and ponzu) 13.95

Tako-Su (cucumber and octopus in tangy dressing. may substitute snow crab for octopus) 7.95

Red & White Tuna Poki
(red and albacore tuna mixed with seaweed, cucumbers, and poki sauce) 12.95

Kiji Cucumber Roll (red tuna, sprouts, avocado, shiso and spicy sauce rolled in cucumber) 8.95


Aji (Spanish mackerel) market price 

Albacore 11.95 small / 18.95 large

Hamachi (yellow tail) 12.95 small / 19.95 large 

Hirame (fluke) 12.95 

Katsuo (seared bonito) 9.50 

Maguro (tuna) 12.95 small / 19.95 large

Sake (salmon) 11.95 small / 18.95 large

Combination (chef’s choice) 21.95Omakase (custom order) 


Dolores (salmon, scallions, cucumber, lemon) 6.95

Guerrero (yellowtail, eel, avocado, scallions, tobiko) 7.95

Valencia (tuna, avocado, and cucumber roll with salsa on top) 7.50

Kiji Roll (snow crab and asparagus roll with tuna on top) 13.95

Eddie Roll (spicy scallop, shiso, cucumber, sprouts, tobiko) 8.95

Jenn Roll (cucumber, avocado, and tobiko roll with salmon and lemon on top) 10.95

Latrice Roll
(steamed monk-fish liver, scallions, sprouts, shiso, cucumbers, tobiko and ponzu) 8.95 

Hirame Tempura Roll
(fluke rolled in shiso, then tempuraed, then rolled in soy paper and topped with sauce) 8.95 

Alaska (salmon skin, scallions, daikon sprouts, gobo, sesame seeds) 5.95

California Roll (Canadian snow crab, avocado, sesame seed) 6.95

Caterpillar (barbecued eel, cucumber, and avocado on top) 11.95

Dragon Roll (shrimp tempura roll with unagi on top) 12.95

Pink Dragon Roll (shrimp tempura roll with albacore tuna, ponzu sauce, and tobiko on top) 11.95

Dynamite Roll (spicy tuna roll deep fried, then topped with house sauce and tobiko) 8.95

Rock & Roll (barbecued eel, avocado, tobiko) 6.95

Rainbow Roll
(snow crab and avocado roll with tuna, hamachi, salmon, albacore, and flounder on top) 13.95

Shrimp Tempura Roll (tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, tobiko) 6.95

Spicy Hamachi (yellowtail, scallions, daikon sprouts, chili sauce, tobiko) 7.50

Spicy Tuna (tuna, spicy sauce, avocado, cucumber) 6.50

Spider Roll (deep-fried soft shell crab, cucumbers, tobiko) 8.95 

(yellowtail and scallions) 3.95Tekka (Tuna) 3.95Unakyu (barbecued eel, cucumber) 5.95

Futomaki (omelet, shitake, spinach, gobo, cucumber, kanpyo) 5.95


Chef’s specialties are marked with *

Aji (Spanish mackerel) 4.50

Tai (sea bream) 4.50

Hirame (flounder) 4.25

Kanpachi (amberjack) 4.50

Katsuo (seared bonito) 4.50

Hamachi (yellowtail) 4.25

Hamachi Belly (rich part of yellowtail) 4.50

Suzuki (striped bass) 4.00

Albacore (white tuna) 3.75

Seared Albacore* 4.25

Maguro (tuna) 4.25

Seared Maguro 4.50

Otoro (blue fin belly) market price

Saba* (house cured mackerel) 3.50

Sake (salmon) 3.75

Sake Belly (rich part of Salmon) 4.25

Smoked salmon 4.25

Amaebi (raw sweet shrimp) 6.95

Ebi (shrimp) 3.50

Ika (squid) 3.75

Kani (snow crab legs) 4.00

Tako (octopus) 3.75

Hokkigai (surf clam) 3.50

Hotate (scallops) 4.25

Spicy Scallops 4.50

Ikura (salmon roe) 3.95

Mentaiko (spicy cod roe) 4.50

Tobiko (flying fish roe in regular,
yuzu or wasabi) 3.75

Uni (sea urchin) 6.50

Ankimo* (steamed monk fish liver) 4.25

Anago* (sea eel, home-made) 4.50

Unagi (barbecued eel) 3.95

Beef* (seared beef) 4.50

Tamago (omelet) 3.00

Quail egg, add $1. Because of seasonal nature of seafood, prices are subject to change without notice.


Avocado and cucumber roll 4.50

Asparagus and oshinko (pickled daikon) roll 4.50

Inari (Tofu pocket stuffed with sushi rice and sesame seeds) 3.00

Nasu (sautéed eggplant) 3.00Natto Maki (fermented soy beans and scallions in a roll) 3.00

Shitake Maki (Japanese mushrooms in a roll) 3.50

Ume Maki (pickled plum roll) 3.50

Ume gobo maki (pickled plum, sprouts, shiso, gobo and cucumbers in a roll) 4.50

Ume imo maki (mountain yam and pickled plum roll) 4.50

Yama imo maki (mountain yam and bonito flakes roll) 4.00

Vegetable Futo Maki (spinach, gobo, shiso, shitake mushrooms, sprouts and cucumber roll) 6.50

We will accommodate special requests.

SideShitake Miso Soup 3.00 / Seaweed Miso Soup 3.00

Rice 2.00 / Sushi rice 2.50

Please Report Outdated Menu

All menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.

Kiji Sushi
1009 Guererro Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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